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House Clearing.

Over the many years that Kev and I have been together we have done hundreds of clearings, and over those years we have pick up different bits and pieces, we just keep refining and adding to it. Sometimes I might do just my Reading area; sometimes I do different parts of the clearing. I always do this Big Clearing once a year. I change it around depending on what is happening for Kev and I, sometimes we do it on New Years Eve, or New Years Day, or on The Chinese New Year.

In preparation for the yearly clearing, Kev and l have a big clean up, any clutter that has accumulated since the last clearing we deal with, and the day before l vacuum and mop, getting rid of all the dirt and grit from the past year. Kev worked on the outside of the house, mowing, whipper snipping, etc.

While explaining this to my friends, they got excited and also wanted to do this clearing for their homes and businesses, so at the exact time that Paul had suggested, there was a massive shutting of businesses and all over the place, my friends were doing this clearing, it was just an amazing experience for me to watch and be amazed at how my words to friends had gathered so much momentum, and I really saw for the first time in my life how influential that I am, after it, I got so many phone calls, as this brought so much joy to everyone, so of course I then saw the need for me to put this information on our website to share with you all.

Things you will need:
1. White emergency candles ( that burn for at least 8 hours )
2. Small plates
3. Rock salt
4. Blu tack
5. Lavender oil
6. Flowers
7. Buckets with lids
8. Lighter
9. Sage, lavender or rosemary
10. Incense
11. Oil burners
12. Smudge stick
13. Ash trays
14. Time, at least 1 day


This year we used 26 candles, (which adds up to an 8 for the year 2008) you can do as many as you want, we either carve or write on the candles words like, Love, Peace, Harmony anything that we might want to bring in or let go of, so what we do is, we get the same amount of small plates, and we blu tack the candles to the plates, we also put a piece of card board, or a tile under the plates to protect the flooring because when the candle burns down it gets very hot. Next we pour rock salt completely around the candle on the plate, no gaps, then I put some flowers on top of the salt as an offering, then I sprinkle lavender essential oil over the whole thing. Next, Kev and I decide where we are going to place them, we always place them in front of all doorways, always one in each room sometimes two depending on how big the room is or how heavy the energy is in the room, and as we place them on the floor we always and with every single candle say this Prayer: Mother Nature please help us to do this clearing, Mother Nature please in your infinite wisdom, please take any negative energy that is here, as I put this plate down, and allow any negative energy to start being drawn into the salt so as it will leave my space when this ceremony is over. Kev and I leave them in position over night until ready for lighting.

When Kev and l wake up, we have a special breakfast, we then strip all bedding and towels and replace with fresh, clean linen, then we start writing about all the things that maybe we need to release, eg, past pains, any hurts, any guilt, and we make the statement “we forgive ourselves and all others“ and we keep writing and writing, as we are getting closer to the end, we write about the things that we are thankful for, and for all that we have, and for all that we are. When we have finished, we go to the beach, first we have a swim to cleanse our auras, when on the beach we stand up and make this statement, which is “if there is anything on me that shouldn,t be on me LEAVE NOW “ we say this loudly and clap our hands once very loud at the end, then we dig a hole and burn all of our pages with some sage, rosemary, anything that l may have on hand.

Once the papers have finished burning and are cooling down, we have another swim, giving thanks to Mother Nature and ask her to cleanse and clear our bodies. We then pick up the ashes, and throw them into the sea. When we have finished our swim, Kev and l take all of our crystals into the water and cleanse them while thanking mother earth clearing any negativity that they may contain, we then fill buckets with sea water to take home.

When we get home, Kev and l call upon the diva of our property ( all properties have a Diva or energy to protect it ) and ask that the diva assists us in cleansing the outside of our home, so in the style of a holy person, Kev and l walk around our house, splashing the beach water everywhere, praying all the time for our home to be cleansed and cleared, we walk around all of our boundaries, and along our drive way, all around our foundations of our home, we also do the inside of our home, as l believe that beach water is a fantastic cleanser and healer. So we spray all of the corners of every room and where ever else we feel the need, as you can,t go wrong with salt water.

We never put any bills or any important documents in the bin we have a burning box, when it is full and it,s a new moon we burn it off, with lavender, sage, or rosemary, once it has cooled down, l put the ashes on our plants to grow our wealth, so this is what we did, all of the outside before we went inside, because once you light those candles you have to watch them for the next 9 hours, and l believe that you should be together rather than one outside and one inside.
Kev and l go inside and open up all windows and doors with fans on low to really move the energy and smoke and incense around.
Next we light all of the candles saying a prayer of thanks as we do it. Then we light packets of incense as many as you like, we also light all oil burners in the house with any oil of your choice, we also burn all of our burners that we have with the coal incense. Then we break up a smudge stick and put some of it into the four corners of our home, we then light the rest of the smudge stick and put it into a safe container so as we can move it around from room to room while the candles are burning.

Once everything is organized, we have showers after the beach, open a bottle of wine, and the new energy is beginning, so the more fun you have at this time the better, movie, music, friends, celebrate the new, always keeping an eye on all of the candles. DON,T BLAME ME IF YOU DON,T WATCH YOUR CANDLES IT IS FIRE AFTER ALL !!!!
Keep relighting the smudge and moving it around, but don,t touch the candles until they are all finished and have cooled down. When everything is all finished, go around picking everything up, putting it all into a separate garbage bag and l always get it off my property straight away, we have our bin at the end of our road.

Well this is the way that Kev and l do our home, you can do your version of this, do just parts of it, you don,t have to do it when we do, you can do it at any time, whenever you feel the need.
I promised everyone that I would put what kev and I do on the website, so know I have, l know it,s a lot, it takes a lot and it takes a long time, but to us it is well worth it, as afterwards our home feels terrific and we don,t feel that one day a year is much to ask, to ensure our home is a positive energy space.

There is a wonderful book by one of my favorite authors Denise Linn, it is called Sacred space (Enhancing the energy of your home and office) I met and did some “one on one“ work with Denise about 20 years ago, Denise helped me more than l could ever explain, Denise is truly an inspirational women, l love her, she is just a beautiful, amazing lady, as l am writing this, l am remembering one day at a talk that Denise was doing, when she grabbed my arm and rushed me into the ladies toilet and the two of us were showing each other our scars from operations and comparing them to each others, gosh we laughed and laughed, l will never forget that day, Denise changed my life.

We now await all of life,s wonderful experiences, we give thanks to the universe and all of its beauty, we thank all who teach and help us, every day in every way.

Go Away Powder

Obtain (whole if possible) so you can grind them down, dried chillies, whole black peppers, any herb or root that is “hot“ by nature, that is, if you ate to much it would burn. Put them into a bag and roll them into powder or grind down. Really put your energy into grinding them.
If you cannot get all the items whole, you can use the powder, but hold it and put your energy into it. Then get some sparkles, glitter etc. Mix it all together, put on some rubber gloves, you do not want to handle this with bare hands, you might get “burnt“.
Sprinkle this on the ground around the area you want to keep certain people off.

The hot herbs create a ring of fire and the glitter sparkles are like little mirrors, mirroring back any negativity.
Walk around the perimeter of the area sprinkling the powder down. You can invocation like “anything negative cannot cross this line“

Bless your hearts, and happy clearing,

Best wishes,

Rhonda and Kevin. xx