Hands of Destiny

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If you really want to do something you will find a way, If not you will find an excuse.
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Some people dream of great accomplishments, while others stay awake and accomplish them.
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Hope sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.
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Dear Reader,

I would like you all to know a few things about me, Rhonda Rixon and my business, RHONDA’S READINGS® I have been a natural Clairvoyant, with the abilities of a Clairsentient, Clairaudient, Clairalience, Clairgustance, Psychic Healer, and Medical Intuitive Reader since birth. I have worked in this industry for over 40 years, trading as RHONDA’S READINGS ® which is my legally Registered Trademark and Business name.

I am proud of the way Spirit, and I work together in helping my clients live happier lives, through receiving the TRUTH in the form of information needed for them to remove, and move pass, blockages that have been holding them back from living happy and fruitful lives. Testimony of the many we have helped can be viewed on my website: www.handsofdestiny.com.

Since 2017 I have been experiencing a lot of confusion by recommended new clients and others due to a person working in the same industry as I. Even back then, I sent this person a Cease-and-Desist letter asking them to stop using my Trademark and business name and I have sent more since. I have received numerous emails and messages from clients alerting me to witnessing this person working at Psychic Expos and online. I have received hurtful reviews from trolls who have not even had a Reading with me, I believe through the confusion they have experienced.

I, being a Spiritual person believed that another, so called Spiritual person would have done the right thing, and stopped their misuse of my Trademark, but this person has not, yet. I do not need any of this other person’s clients on any level, there is enough for everybody, some will be on this person’s level, some will be on mine.

I would never treat anyone, the disrespectful way this person has treated my Spirit Guides and Myself, but Spirit and I are now shouting from all the Spiritual Realms, to stop this person’s bullying actions. For a Spiritual person to have done what they have, they should know, that now in 2024, with the world having moved into the 5th dimension, they have set themselves up for 20 years of Spiritual Karma, because of their lies and deceit. I can show all proof and legal documents to any disbelievers of this situation because that is the extent I have to go to, in stopping the bullying.

A client of mine on witnessing what I was going through said to me, “but Rhonda, “Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery” and I replied to them the rest of Oscar Wildes quote: “ That Mediocrity Can Pay To Greatness “ I said to them, I do not need imitators of me, Spirit and I have worked hard, all my life for what I have created in my business, this other person needs to stand by their own name, and be accountable for that, and that only, and not hide behind my efforts and achievements.

I ask dear reader, that if you are ever visiting a Psychic Expo, and you see advertising for RHONDA’S READINGS, and the person working from that stand is not me, RHONDA RIXON, I ask you kindly, that you please send me an email to: rhonda@handsofdestiny.com, so that I can stop the confusion, now and forever more, because that is what Spirit and I are committed to doing, because as WE always say,

“ THE TRUTH ALWAYS WINS ” and we will take the TRUTH to the end, because we do not play with people’s lives, and with integrity, we take our work very seriously.

Magical Blessings,




From Byron Bay to Tweed Heads, Coolangatta and Brisbane and from New York, Europe and Dubai, many people all over Australia and the world have experienced the healing benefits of finding " Rhonda's Readings " and having a Reading with Rhonda Rixon.

Rhonda is a gifted clairvoyant / clairaudient Reader and medical intuitive who utilizes photographs and the tarot to clearly access the highest truth in your current circumstances. Rhonda's Readings are grounded and heartfelt, rich with guidance that is easily applied to change your life and achieve your dreams.

To find out what you need to bring with you when having one of Rhonda's Readings, please go to the " Contact Us " page on this website, where you will also find directions and other relevant information.

"If you are choosing a clairvoyant, I do not pamper peoples ego's, I do not do fairy floss and marshmallows, I pass on the information from Spirit the way that they want it to be passed on. Sometimes the Truth hurts, Sometimes the Truth heals, I do not change the Truth."

Magical Blessings,





"If you’ve never had a Reading before then you are truly fortunate to have found this website and be reading these testimonials, as Rhonda is the real deal who has an awesome gift.
I have been seeing Rhonda for a Reading every year since early 2014 and I cannot sing her praises enough. She brings very clear messages through from Spirit and her accuracy is awesome, but more importantly is the quality and depth of the message being delivered.
Rhonda has helped me navigate through some big personal growth challenges over the years, as her direct connection with Spirit not only shows her where you’re at with your life development, but also explains why, and what you can do to overcome any issues.
Rhonda calls it how it is, so be prepared to listen and process what it being communicated, as you can only benefit greatly. Rhonda has a knack of going directly to an area in your life that you’re seeking guidance on, and I have always found her to have great empathy and professionalism at all times.
I always get so excited and feel extremely blessed whenever I have a Reading with Rhonda as her gift of communication with Spirit is so precise and timely and always leaves me feeling motivated and positive.
I feel incredibly grateful to have found someone so amazing who can advise me on areas in my life, plus answer any of my questions with clarity and direction.
Thank you, Rhonda, for sharing your gift so generously, and what an absolute privilege to have met you.
God Bless you.



Please Note


Rhonda has all of these abilities listed in the Services pages, and utilizes them when Spirit needs her to, but Rhonda does not have the control, in Your Reading, to what Spirit does, or does not want you to know. Rhonda usually only has you for a one-hour Reading ( unless a longer Reading has been booked ) and Spirit will always tell you what they deem to be the most important message and information for you, and your life’s journey, at the time of your Reading.
That is why when Rhonda’s clients come back, time and time again, there is always some new information and messages to be given !!

Magical Blessings.



I would really love to take this opportunity to explain to all of my wonderful clients that I am totally understanding of the fact that, after a Reading it can be quite emotional. Your emotions can be so overwhelming, and you may find that you are so grateful for the insights that Spirit have given you through me, that a lot of you, with entirely good intentions want to grab me, and hug and kiss me to show your appreciation.

But I must express - Once a Reading is over for the client, the experience is not over for me, there is a period of time that I call, " my coming down time." During this time, if I am grabbed, hugged or kissed, I will take on all of the ailments. For instance if my client has a headache, the flu, absolutely anything, I will pick up the energy of the illness and at times, it has made me quite ill.

Magical Blessings,


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