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About Rhonda

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Let Me Introduce Myself To You.




I am Rhonda Rixon, with over 40 years’ experience of doing Readings for people all over the world.

I am passionate about helping people and I am known for giving you the TRUTH, the REAL Truth as I am the Real Deal when it comes to being an authentic Clairvoyant, Clairaudient Reader and Medical Intuitive.

So welcome to the REAL Rhonda’s Readings. Yes, I am the Original, and the Best ( LOL ) and yes, unfortunately, there is another Rhonda out there and it seems, as I hear from clients, recommendations are getting mixed up.

So, if you do refer someone, please, just tell them to make sure they find the REAL RHONDA’S READINGS, via my website “ Hands Of Destiny.Com “

Thank You for your understanding and support.

Magical Blessings,




I am Rhonda and this is my web site.
I am new to the land of computers and I am a one finger typist, but my desire to get myself and my ability out there and to come out of my comfort zone is pushing me to learn . My "Hands Of Destiny" website which advertises my business " Rhonda's Readings " will grow, it may be slow, but I look forward to the process and what lies ahead for us all. I welcome anyone to be a part of the progress, i.e., testimonials, insights, etc.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I pray for the office of my dreams, and now that things are starting to take off for me, I am sure that this year is going to be all about where and how I find it, or should I say, how it finds me !!

I have been doing Readings all of my life, so far back that I can't remember a time when I haven't had the ability to see things very differently to everyone around me.  I have Read for many, many people from all different walks of life, and all over the world.

With the setting up of my  website, I have the fantastic support of my wonderful husband Kevin, and it's time for me to be all that I am destined to be.

Starting with my name Rhonda, as the song says,"Help, Help, Me Rhonda "

That's who I am and that's what I do !!!

I invite you to be a part of my journey.

Magical Blessings !!