Hands of Destiny

Skye, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I had the pleasure of meeting Rhonda in November 07 at a health seminar. I connected instantly but didn`t really know why. At the time I was going through a period of change at work and my self doubt reared its ugly head. While I was comfortable, I was confident and happy but as soon as my comfort zone was challenged, I battled with my own inner voice. I had one conversation with Rhonda on the phone the next day that blew me away. Her reading changed my course of action and 3 1/2 months later I’m awestruck. I have had a reading since then and the accuracy of information about situations and people she has never met is remarkable. The thing I love most about Rhonda is that I see an extremely empowered woman who helped bring that out in me. I love the fact that I now stand in my own power and feel good about it.

Thank you Rhonda for helping me see the true Skye. 
Your integrity and compassion are gifts.

Peace, Love and Light,

Skye. x

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