Hands of Destiny

Sarah, Vanuatu, New Caledonia.

I was referred to Rhonda by a friend who visits Vanuatu throughout the year to work with people in Vanuatu by running healing seminars, tarot Readings and general psychic guidance. I sent a set of photos and personal objects to Rhonda. I was then contacted promptly by Rhonda via email and a date and time was set for us to do our Reading. 

My Reading was fantastic, comforting, direct and inspiring. Rhonda took a very genuine interest in my concerns and wellbeing. The reading was very accurate and some of the things that she picked up on astounded me as I have never laid eyes on her, let alone the fact there wasn’t any possibility of Rhonda knowing what had happened in my life as we live in separate countries.

Since my Reading I have followed advice from Rhonda and have found myself and my family on a much happier and healthier path. Her advice and guidance gave me the strength to stand up to some situations in my life and stand down from others. This has been personally uplifting and gratifying, not to mention enabled further success and positive energy to flow though my heart and home. 

I would highly recommend Rhonda to anybody seeking answers from loved ones who have moved on, a positive change in their life situation, or even just a chat with someone they can trust with their inner most secrets and concerns. It does not matter at all if you are sitting opposite her or on the phone hours of flight time away, this woman has a true gift, and genuine care for all who cross her path seeking love, support and guidance for their greater good, health, wealth and happiness.

Thank you Rhonda, you have made a difference to my life and I will be in touch again to continue seeking support and guidance for my future.

With much love and rose light,


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