Hands of Destiny

Sarah, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Dear Rhonda,

After hearing about you through my friend I was very curious to hear what you could tell me about my current “bumps in the road.”
Well, you spoke as if you have known my family forever.

My Reading was very accurate and I found at time quite confronting in a non- threatening way. There were snippets where I couldn’t believe you could tell me what I thought only I could see.

There were issues that I didn’t really want to hear about, but deep down knew they were there and needed addressing. You named them and challenged me the way usually only an old friend can do.

Thank you for opening my eyes a little wider than to just my own interpretations.

Thank you for the reality check that has given me the motivation to move forward in a positive manner.

I’m acting on the information you were able to provide and know you have shown me how to save “us”.

I’m really looking forward to calling you again and hearing more from your guides.

Thank you again for Help, help, helping me Rhonda (sorry couldn’t HELP it:)



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