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Abbey, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Hi Rhonda, I showed my Mum the testimonial, she was beyond happy. So happy that I’m not swallowing cocktails of pills and spending pointless hours at the psychologist, when one meeting changed all of that. she has indeed noticed a change in me, no longe cooped up in my bedroom, now I’m expanding and working hard at uni and at work, but not just that, I’m talkin to her all the time and I love doting on her. I guess it was something I always wanted to do but there was always a wall between us. It isn’t there anymore, and slowly my relationship with my dad is getting better and better as we are acting like father and daughter, something we never did. We never even spoke to each other and we lived in the same house. Now I come home and enjoy telling him about my day, and enjoying his dad jokes. He asked me for a hug the other day, I haven’t hugged him since I was thirteen, about five years. It was really strange at first, allowing myself to feel love towards anything was never allowed for me and it has been overwhelming to actually let myself open up and invite others in. This is thanks to you, and I can’t thank you more, only can I try and express in my life what you have done for me. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
Also, I’m not sure but I have begun to see a light glow around other people. I don’t know if it is aura, but it’s definitely there. I use my tarot and talk to spirit everyday.
I hope your all well, sort for length!
X love abbey 🙂