Hands of Destiny

Alyana, Gold Coast, Queensland.

I came to write a comment about Rhonda’s Reading and an amazing healing she has done for me and show my humble gratitude towards her work and I felt extremely sad when I read couple of comments which were made about her.
I have never come across a woman as kind as her. Her spiritual character and her respectable, pure and caring nature is something to behold. An experience with Rhonda is a spiritual and a life changing experience.

I found Rhonda at the time of my life where I found myself hopeless, living a life filled with so much misery and sadness with having no one to seek help from. I could say that I was a lost woman. Quite honestly, I did not want to be on this planet anymore as I was tired of pushing on with having no direction in my life and constantly fighting for a bit of justice and happiness. As I was extremely skeptical about seeing any clairvoyant at that time, I thought I would go just once and see what happens. So, I went and saw Rhonda and I haven’t stopped seeing her since! I was late to my first session and only had 40 minutes left of my time but I left Rhonda’s place feeling hopeful and happy. I asked her if I needed to see her again and she said you would know if you need to see me again. Spirit will tell you. Her humility and her selflessness amazed me. I have been coming to Rhonda regularly for five years. Sometimes every week and sometimes twice a week! I never have mentioned money or how much I had to spend ever as Rhonda had saved my life. No money can be compared to that. When it comes to living a life filled with love, joy and happiness and being a woman who has developed independence and strength, every penny is worth it and that help is invaluable.
Rhonda’s words and messages aren’t from her. They are from the Spirit. Period! Rhonda changed my life because I allowed myself to open up and receive the guidance. I didn’t go to listen to what I wanted to hear rather I went to listen to anything that Spirit had to say to me and that is the attitude we should all have when we see Rhonda. To be open and to be willing to hear the message and to be willing to do the work to make the change in our lives.

When we choose to see Rhonda, we should empty ourselves of any attachments or ego. We should have humility as we would be in the presence of Spirit seeking guidance.
To those who are reading comments for feedback I can tell you that Rhonda is genuine. I highly recommend Rhonda as her work will change you. Rhonda is also offering healing to those who are looking for a good healer and I can say that she is the best healer that I have ever met. Rhonda’s reading is 100% accurate and everything she has said to me over the past five years have come true and I am very happy and grateful that I had listened to the guidance as I am in a much better place that I was before and I can see that things are beginning to shift.
Rhonda shares the truth and she is extremely kind, going out of her way to help people to have a better life.

No words can be adequate enough to express my gratitude. My humble and loving regards to dear Rhonda.

Forever grateful xx

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