Hands of Destiny

Bianca, Naples, Italy.

Over a five month period I have spoken to Rhonda four times. I have gone through a great period of change in my life and it took Rhonda with her clarity and perception to encourage me to take these steps and I have been rewarded for it.

Speaking to Rhonda is like speaking to a counselor who can see the past, the present and the future. She is wise and firm when giving advice but also comforting and reassuring. Rhonda has accurately described many people in my life and the situations we are facing from merely looking at a photo and tapping into their energy. Her talent is impressive, accurate and amazing.

I look back on the person I was five months ago and I am happier and more content. I no longer have feelings on ‘impending doom’ where my soul is telling my body it is heading down the wrong path; instead I am optimistic and excited about the future. I am single, I can deal with difficult situations and I have just been offered a fantastic new job that I would not have been sent if I had not made the changes Rhonda encouraged me to make and I knew I had to make myself.

It is a well worn, yet accurate cliché, Rhonda has an amazing gift and myself and the friends I have in Dubai, Singapore and across Australia who have all had readings from her at least once agree, that we are fortunate and lucky that she shares this gift with us.

Thank you so much!! Sending you all my most positive energy and I am continuing to spread the word of Rhonda!

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