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Bianca, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I had my first reading with Rhonda one year ago and since then her guidance and wise words have assisted me in going from strength to strength in the decisions that I have made regarding my career and personal life.

I have spoken to roughly five ‘psychics’ throughout my life and while my experiences were varied and some readings were in fact quite good, none compare to Rhonda’s and it is Rhonda that I return to periodically whenever I feel as though I am ready to tackle that next stage or level in my life. I return to Rhonda, as do my friends in Dubai, Singapore, America and Australia, because she is must more than just a psychic, she is a counsellor and a wise soul who doesn’t tell you what to do but offers you insight into people, issues, workplaces and events that no one else could possibly see- this allowing you to make the choice that is best for you.

When I first spoke to Rhonda I was anxious, unhappy and engaged. When I was talking to her it was like I was talking to someone who finally understood what was going on in my life. From one photo of myself and my fiance she could tell me exactly what our relationship was like, exactly how he was as a person and was able to describe what went on behind closed doors. It was phenomenal, I could no longer talk myself into being in an unhappy place because when someone tells it as they see it and it is said out aloud- it is very hard to deny the situation and continue to make poor decisions.

Making the right decisions took a lot of hard work and I have spoken to Rhonda about 5 times over the last year, not at regular intervals, at one stage I didn’t call her for 8 months, but when I look back at myself one year ago and sit here typing this in my new office, with a new job and a strong circle of friends I know that things will only get better.

Rhonda is brilliant and I have a lot of friends and not one of them has a bad word to say about her!!