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Brenton, Northern New South Wales, Australia.

I arrived early, interrupting a session that Rhonda was giving. Rhonda asked me to wait in her courtyard, so I did. Rhonda later explained that I was needing to make a connection with somebody, a person I was close to, someone who I shared a bond with. The reading began and within minutes the connection had come through. I’m a 19 year old male and like any other teenager are into stunning looking girls, however the girl I’m into is in spirit, she is famous for her looks, blonde hair and that white dress which didn’t keep much to the imagination, you have probably worked out who it is.

I have 2 tattoos of this person and collect everything. Anyway… Rhonda looked shocked. ” Brenton, Do you realise that you just called her in!”, I replied with ” Oh My God!”, She was there. This experience has changed my life. I went to Rhonda because a friend had told me it would be helpful with my future directions, ambitions and could give me guidance. Rhonda sure did that. She explained how looking at life through a different perspective can allow myself to understand certain aspects of my personality and that in my own situation, creating a balance flow of friendships, finances, lifestyle choices and as a 19 year old, socialising.

I recommend Rhonda to anybody who is at a point in their life where they can’t see a future or just need someone to point them in the right direction. Your reasons for going to see Rhonda are your own, however, a word of advice, sometimes these reasons may not occur and someone you least expect, some advice you don’t want to hear or some people you would rather not talk to, may just show up.

Be prepared to understand your life in a new, clear light.

Thank you Rhonda,

p.s please say hi to Marilyn for me.