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Carina, Kangaroo Point, Queensland, Australia.

I was at a party, and a friend of a friend was telling me all these incredible, unbelievable stories about this physic he had been too, and the stories from her Reading matched the events that were to come, they were so accurate, that they couldn’t possibly have been true.

So, I put Rhonda’s name in my phone, just in case I ever needed it, or wanted to explore it further. This person’s stories stuck with me until I finally made an appointment with Rhonda… and what was to come in the Readings my partner, his brother, and myself separately had, were all accurate and in some sense elaborate, and couldn’t possibly be true… However, one warning Rhonda did give, was of an accident, where someone would come close to death, but would be unscratched as their Grandmother would look after them.
It was 2 weeks later, and everyone was asleep, and we got the call, that my brother in law had been in a car accident where there is a cliff both sides (we know someone who died going over one of the cliffs nearly in that exact spot) hitting another car, and spinning out of control, only to hit the small amount of wall separating the two cliffs. He was unscratched, a little shaken, and the car was written off, his grandmother had taken care of him just as Rhonda had said.

So, we’re all very quickly believers. Also in this Reading, Rhonda said to both brothers, that their cousin (who passes at around 20 in a car accident) wanted their mum to come to Rhonda, so after the car accident with my brother in law, my mother in law, went to see Rhonda, their cousin came through again, and said his father (her brother) would be hard to convince, but that he needed to come to see Rhonda, to get some closure during that Reading , where they did get all the closure they needed.

Rhonda stopped the Reading, and started writing something down, she then apologized and continued the reading they had come for. At the end of the reading, they asked why she stopped, and what she had written down. Rhonda told them she had been helping to look for a missing teenage boy, and their son had told her where he was with great detail. They didn’t give it a second thought, until I answered the phone a few hours later, and it was Rhonda, asking if I could give them a message, that the boy had been found, exactly where their son had said (in dense bush land) and sure enough, we turned the local news on and there was the story of the missing teenage boy being found.

So these are just two of our family’s stories with Rhonda. We were all sceptics before too many things she had said came true, and she picked up on all the family dynamics.
If your considering having a physic Reading, we can all testify that we wouldn’t go anywhere else. I love when we refer people to Rhonda, probably 40-50 people, friends, families, and friends of friends, all get in touch with me once they have heard a few of the experiences we’ve had with Rhonda. Every one we’ve referred to Rhonda has had just as incredible stories to tell. So if you’re wondering… make an appointment, and go see what all the fuss is about… you’ll have your own stories to tell about your incredible, unbelievable experiences, getting your own Readings done by Rhonda.