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Catherine , Wales, United Kingdom.

Dear Rhonda,

Funnily enough I have been talking about you today! I have been meaning to write a testimonial, but thought I’d wait until I get to Italy! I am all set to go at the beginning of March. I really appreciated our reading; it really has encouraged me to follow my calling! I have every intention of making something out of my painting, and going to Florence for however long, would be a good start. I have started Italian lessons too in preparation.

Actually, I was thinking about asking you for another Reading. I have something I really want to ask you about. How possible would it be to have a Reading this week or at the weekend? I will find out a photo to send you as soon as I can.

If you would like to use this email as a testimonial then please do! As speaking to you back in October really was a life changing experience. You said so many things that were true to my life at the time and I came away feeling that I had finally been put on the right path!

All my best wishes,