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Chiavanni, Upper Coomera, Queensland, Australia.

I come from a family of mediums, so psychic phenomenon is a familiarity to me, however untrained; I am always seeking guidance and direction as I don’t always understand what my own guides are trying to communicate. A friend told me about Rhonda whom was a guest speaker at a spiritualist church we regularly attend; Rhonda not only gave almost everyone in attendance a Reading but was also very accurate. When you attend regularly, you quickly learn the difference between a GOOD clairvoyant and an “OK” clairvoyant, upset that I had missed out on Rhonda’s guest appearance I quickly booked a Reading with her.

I often have psychic Readings and Rhonda’s are very precise and straight to the point, she did not fluff around or dig for confirmation. I was able to save some vital personal circumstances based on the information I received from her, and I will be forever grateful.

Rhonda will be the only person I recommend to anyone needing advice or direction. I am forever thankful to have her in my life and I will share her with everyone I know.