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Cindy, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia.

Hello Kevin,

Your wife now has another fan. And although I did believe you are her number one, just know that she has many others. I have written a testimonial for Rhonda, however it does not do her gift justice. There are no words to describe how she has made me feel about myself after so many years of hating who I am inside and out. Although she can communicate with spirit I believe it is because Rhonda herself is an angel.

I have attached a document with my testimonial on it. If you think it is a little farfetched, rest assured it is understated, I could talk about my encounter forever and a day. So much so my husband has asked if we should make it a regular occurrence. Rhonda has accomplished what a councillor could not.

Kevin you are a lucky man.


Kindest Regards



I would like to thank Rhonda immensely for her time she took to do a reading for me.

First I would like to say I thought psychics were like the stars out of the paper, vague and not important. Today you will meet someone, etc. WOW if I walk down the street and say hello, I will have met someone, it must have been the stars. No, Rhonda I believe with all my heart has a real gift.

When I approached Rhonda to do a phone reading for me, I was a mess. I had really been struggling and had pretty much hit rock bottom. I doubt that I could have gone any lower without doing an enormous amount of damage to myself and my loved ones. In every aspect of my life I had no clarity, all I had was uncertainty. I had been dealing with “what ifs” from my past. What if I had chosen a different path, what if I hadn’t gotten married, what if I had chosen different careers, all of which I know so many people ask themselves this question for different reasons every single day. Mine were eating me up inside to a point I became physically ill. My life had made me feel so negative towards myself and everything; I could not even manage my own health.

I sat down to talk with Rhonda and only being armed with photos Rhonda straight away hit every description of my husband imaginable. His personality, what others perceive of him, what has happened in his work, how he feels now. I was astonished, nobody but me knew these things about him. All I could do was giggle slightly in disbelief.
Rhonda went on to tell me about how I had been through my hardships in my life, how my mother had treated me and how it had affected my life all the way down to how I was abused as a child. Nobody but my family knew any of this; my mother had kept it hidden that way for a very long time.

She went on to explain to me how I had come to not want kids and my husband did. This was a conversation that had only been bought up with my husband a week before the reading. I am amazed and let’s face it I am 25 years old and with my family history I did not think I would make a good mother and would probably re enact my mothers parenting style. Rhonda’s compassion showed me I am nothing like the woman who raised me and I am unique.

When my husband arrived home from work that day I explained everything to him and he looked on in disbelief at how accurate Rhonda had been. I thought there was one bit of information that didn’t fit about him and when I explained it to him, he laughed. Turns out that bit of information referred to him past tense, before me. Rhonda knew something about my husband I did not know.

Armed with every bit of information I have received from Rhonda the days that have followed have been incredible. I felt a huge rush after talking with her. I have found it hard not to smile. I have felt nothing but relief. My health is now on the mend, I no longer wake in the morning feeling nauseous and overwhelmed. I wake with a smile on my face.

Although sometimes the truth hurts, it does have an impact on your past, present and future, it is on us to take the truth, turn it into an ally and fight on. You can change; you don’t always have to stay the same. I look at the truth as a friend, and now my best friend. I will not look back thanks to Rhonda, and my life is improving every day.

Rhonda you are an army of strength, wisdom, compassion and an amazing example of someone with a gift, using it to really help people in their times of need. If it hadn’t been to my struggle leading me to you, I do not know what I would have done. I thank you and spirit for the guidance to be myself and no one else.

You are amazing. To anyone out there, I recommend you give it a chance. To the people who are afraid, it is normally because you have something to hide. It is that thing you are hiding, that is causing you pain. Release it without judgement and move forward.

Rhonda you are an angel.