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Courtney, London, England.

Rhonda was recommended to me from a girlfriend and having seen many Psychics and had many different readings, my last about 6 months prior, I didn’t feel the need to have another. However, overnight I felt a strong urge to speak with her. Being in London I had a phone reading, it was very different and the ‘urge’ I felt was spot on. Rhonda gave something to me no other psychic had, perhaps I wasn’t ready to hear it or the time wasn’t right till now or perhaps it was Rhonda’s unique style…she was spot on! Rhonda has helped and allowed me to heal apart of me that has held deep pain. I feel lighter, things seem clearer – I understand. Her advice and direction from spirit was invaluable, her approach was direct and very honest. Rhonda has helped me greatly.

With someone like Rhonda in our lives, we won’t lose contact with life! Within moments we can be realigned and back on track travelling this hard road called life!

God Bless.