Hands of Destiny

Ellie, Ballina, New South Wales, Australia.

Rhonda came highly recommended to me and I knew at that point that I really wanted to meet her. After initially speaking to Rhonda on the phone, I immediately felt she was most definitely the person I needed to see as I knew she would be able to help me with the questions and issues I had in my mind.
Rhonda has such an amazing and great gift and I felt extremely privileged that she was able to relay and share such accurate information provided by her Spirit connections. Her insight, interpretation and attention to detail of my personal life was absolutely spot on. This in turn gave me a lot of comfort and confidence as well as a much clearer understanding of the path that I knew I needed to follow. Initially that path concerned me, but Rhonda certainly validated that I was indeed on the correct path. Her ease in taking time to explain and to make sure her messages resonated was amazing.

I’m so grateful and very thankful for my experience with Rhonda and will always highly recommend her to anyone.

Thank you so much Rhonda.

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