Hands of Destiny

Faye, Lismore, New South Wales, Australia.

I would like to start by saying, that Rhonda is absolutely the real deal. She is an incredibly gifted human.


Rhonda’s Readings are clear, direct, honest, and accurate. I have recommended her to many of my friends and family over the years. We all love and respect Rhonda dearly.

She is not here to stroke any egos; she tells you what Spirit. knows you need to hear for your highest good. Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth, so I highly recommend you see her if you are ready to take responsibility for your life and as she says, ‘be the best you that you came here to be.’


I would recommend seeing Rhonda first for a Life Path Reading. This was the first session I had with her and the information she knew of my past is absolutely impossible to know any other way than through a strong and clear connection to Spirit.. I will never forget it. Rhonda is so accurate, and is the only person I feel consistently truly seen by. This Life Path Reading is something I always come back to, especially in any times of self-doubt and confusion, because it is a very real light guiding me to my truth and highest self. I am so grateful for this, as many others are too. I recommend you record this Reading on your phone and save it as it is very powerful to come back to. Also I would like to note, that time is not linear, nor is healing, so as time goes on, more things click into place and become even more clear.


Rhonda is also an incredibly powerful healer. I cannot express through words how much her healings have helped me grow and release barriers from this life and past ones. She is truly a gift on this Earth.


Everyone is different, but for me my Nana always comes through, as well as my soul family and other guides. From seeing Rhonda over the years, this has helped me to connect with them in my everyday life and have trust and faith in divine timing. I am infinitely grateful for this lifelong connection.


I hope as many people as possible will see Rhonda as I know it will bring them great healing and the strength to be your best self, which in the large scale will help our whole planet heal and grow with love.


From the bottom of my heart, Thankyou Rhonda, and Thankyou Spirit..


You are very loved and dearly treasured.

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