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Fiona, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I have had the pleasure of my first reading with Rhonda. Whilst I am in Sydney my reading was over the phone, so I sent Rhonda the photos I thought were relevant. I found Rhonda’s knowledge and intuition of my circumstances to be amazing. She took my breath away on several occasions.

Whilst I am a true believer in clairvoyants and I had heard before some things that Rhonda advised, previous people were unable to paint the picture for me that has allowed me to actually have faith in what I must do to move on and heal. In hearing Rhonda’s words I am taking a massive leap of faith and confronting my biggest fears.

I feel comforted knowing that Rhonda is there for me when I need her and she will help steer me in the right direction and make the right choices to gain a brighter future for myself and my son.
Since my reading with Rhonda I have spoken with the person who recommended her to me and the ‘WOW’ factor just keeps coming up. I thought I was already seeing the best, but Rhonda overtakes these people by miles.

Whilst Rhonda is straight to the point – she is kind and caring and non-judgmental. This works for me as I don’t need the fuss, I want to know the truth. It has been a week since my reading with Rhonda and our conversation is still resonating with me daily. I feel like there has been a massive energetic shift around me and I feel somewhat lighter – and I know that this will only continue to happen. I also know that I will be contacting Rhonda regularly for “psychic / energy” checkups. Rhonda is absolutely amazing and all of this over the phone, we haven’t even met each other. I do look forward to meeting her when I am next in her area.

Thank you Rhonda, I can’t tell you how much you have helped already and I have listened to everything you have advised and am taking a massive leap of faith and going ahead with the biggest step of my life.