Hands of Destiny

Holli, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

I have never had a reading before or been particularly interested in such things; I simply woke up one morning and thought “I want to get a reading”. I have a wonderful life, job I love, beautiful friends and an amazing family, so I had no particular reason to seek such an experience, it just was, what it was.

I really liked Rhonda, I found her compassionate and not at all full of b/s. I expected to be told I would become a millionaire, marry a doctor and have 12 children, but instead I received a wonderful, insightful perspective on things I had long since forgotten and maybe should not have. I received advice that I feel will be very beneficial for me personally in the close future, and now have some things to work on that will make me a better person.

I will definitely be seeing Rhonda again in the future.

Thanks again!


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