Hands of Destiny

Janet, Lismore, New South Wales, Australia

I would urge anyone who needs to find some understanding of where their life is at, what their relationships are or have been about, and how to best go forward, to see Rhonda.

I was amazed at the amount of information Rhonda gave me about my family members, former lovers and the reasons why I’d been involved with the people I had. Everything she said was not only accurate; she also connected dots for me I hadn’t managed to do myself.

I came away feeling gratitude and hope and feeling that my life’s journey so far and my experiences had been validated and that the path I was on would unfold as it should. And I came away with a lot more than I expected when I walked in.

Rhonda is not only a beautiful woman with a big heart; she has an incredible gift which she shares in a no-nonsense way. Without a doubt, she is one of the finest psychic counsellors around.

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