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Jannette, Burringbar, New South Wales, Australia

I met Rhonda a year ago, when after hearing about her from a friend, I invited her to my house to give a talk about the psychic work she does. Rhonda talked to the group of ladies I had also invited for a couple of hours and we were all so interested to hear of Rhonda’s remarkable life. A year down the track I was off to have another reading again.

Rhonda has helped my family and myself with her special gift she received many years ago, which is to be able to listen to, and then pass on such profound and accurate information from the Great Spirit.
I have been touched by Rhonda`s words of understanding about myself and who I am, and why I am, and then how to improve myself and turn my whole life around. I believe Rhonda cuts through years of counseling, patiently teaching and giving me the tools to help me become a whole, content being, loving my life, by understanding my life and becoming a healthy example for my beautiful daughter and three beautiful sons.

I met Rhonda a year ago and each time, she has been spot on and I am so grateful for Rhonda`s caring attitude which isn`t always received in the way it should be, because the TRUTH can hurt at times, but work with it and it feels beautiful to be set free.

Thank you, Rhonda,