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Jess, Kingscliff, New South Wales, Australia.

Wow where to start!

My very first Reading from you, I have to say that the Reading was a bit of a shock … but you were so Right about Everything ! You certainly left me thinking about it for a while ! Unfortunately, I didn’t listen, or take on all you had said and I ended up playing out what you said in my Reading…. I just didn’t realise at the time… but to be honest, I think I had to go through what I did, to learn what I’ve learned… as you have on your website, Spirit only tell us what we need to know, at that particular time, and some things we have to experience because of how it will affect you, change you, or wake you up in life…. Anyway, 6 months later, I came back to see you, and I wasn’t in a good state at all…. since then, I’ve seen you like 6 times this year and it’s been worth every cent… I really don’t know how I would have gotten through this last year without You and Spirit… you are definitely better than any councillor that I have been to !

Rhonda, you have guided me in the right direction, given me insight to current situations and most of all, you have given me the hope that my life is going to improve, and that it’s all going to come together for me… so long as I do the work required of course… you told me what tools to use, to heal my emotional pain and pointed me in the right direction so that I can break my patterns …. it’s funny, because since you have pointed out a few patterns, I can see it now and it makes perfect sense ! It’s crazy really how patterns can seriously affect your life… so far I feel like I’m almost at 100% of my full potential… I still have some more homework from Spirit to complete, I’m getting there though, and I can really feel the difference in myself, basically everyone I know has noticed too ! I honestly can’t Thank You enough, more than these words can justify…. you have an amazing gift… you’re an amazing person and you certainly are here to help people that’s for sure…. my mum even comes to see you too, lol, and she’s always recommending you to everyone… even people she’s just met, lol, I hope you continue this work throughout your life, because you truly do change people’s lives for the better (so long as they listen of course !) and I plan on always having you as my clairvoyant … my kids will know of you Rhonda and they will come to you to.

I really appreciate how much you have helped me😊 and the hope you have given me for my future… as I have said before, never give up the Readings because you truly do make a difference, even though you may not always know how much…I had tears too writing this because you have truly done a lot for me Rhonda, because you’re a beautiful person and you deserve the best out of life

As you say… magical blessings to you

With love,