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Jo-Anne, Mermaid Beach, Queensland, Australia.

I am writing this to express my absolute gratitude, for the exceptional that Rhonda from Rhonda’s Readings has provided as a trustworthy, and genuine psychic and life coach for me, since 2011.

I went through a very challenging divorce involving my children. Work and finances were very stressful, and my health was being affected. I was extremely anxious and filled with uncertainty about my future and in need of clarity and support. Rhonda provided me with invaluable guidance during this uncertain time in my life. Of course, life’s challenges are about personal growth which we must be continue working hard at, so I will continue to see Rhonda for many years to come.

Rhonda provides insightful guidance in a balanced way, by using her unique abilities and this has honestly made a positive impact on my life. Rhonda’s Readings always have the purpose of providing a deeper self-awareness and understanding of our life’s purpose and expectations.

Looking back at the timely way practical advice and guidance was given, it provided the most supportive and loving approach to any issues at the time.

Rhonda has conducted her Rhonda’s Readings business in a truly professional manner. Rhonda has an ethical approach ensuring her integrity and respectful delivery of the information (which she says she is blessed to receive) is used for the highest good of all.

Sometimes things are difficult to hear and the reasons they are said to you, are sometimes not clear until even years later, so she has the challenge of delivering some guidance that people might not agree with at the time.  I just hope people show Rhonda the patience, understanding and gratitude for the gifts that she is providing them, as even if the advice or messages are not what you may have expected, they are coming from love and truth as Rhonda is delivering remarkably accurate psychic information to you.

Rhonda has been consistently there for me for over 10 years, never pressuring me to return, with the understanding that I will know when life’s challenges become overwhelming, and I need to reach out to her. Rhonda makes herself available to offer support that helps me again return to a peaceful outlook that allows me to continue living my life in the most balanced and positive way.

Thank You Rhonda, for sharing your remarkable and accurate gifts in this professional, loving and healing way through honouring how blessed this gift is by using it responsibly and providing realistic guidance that is for the highest good of all who may be involved.

Sending you my most heartfelt appreciation.