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Jo, Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

I first discovered Rhonda from the internet during the time when I broke up with my long-term ex-boyfriend. I think I’m so lucky to clicked on that out of so many other Clairvoyants websites. I had the Reading June 2009 and all I can say is Whatever Rhonda told me, it has happened (PERIOD!) I told her that time that I will finish my flying training end of 2009, but she then said to me that “I don’t see you finishing your study by the end of 2009, as I feel something might happen to your arms or shoulders due to some sport you will do” and at that time I was thinking, how can that possibly happen? and don’t really take it in my mind.

Until 2 months later, I had an accident while doing extreme sport, and the moment when I was laying at the emergency room, things started to flash back about what Rhonda told me and of course, everything she told me on my very first Reading with her was spot on. Since then, I went and see her few times and she does give me some directions for my life and what I should be looking for. She really is a God gifted Psychic and a very lovely lady, and also very accurate (can I say 200%). I will always work hard and be positive on my life.

I am looking forward to seeing you again Rhonda, and I really recommend everyone to see Rhonda as she is a very good Psychic, and she will give you guidance on what you need to do for your life and what to hope for.