Hands of Destiny

Jo, Tugan, Gold Coast, Australia

My Reading with Rhonda was amazing, she certainly tells you straight, which I really liked. Rhonda truly cares about helping you. I have had a lot of Readings over the years, but none compared to Rhonda’s. She certainly gave me plenty to think about, it took me a week to get my head around the accuracy of what she told me, but after that week when everything became clear to me, I certainly felt a lot lighter.
Thanks to Rhonda I can now move forward without panic, it is nice to feel calmness in the soul.
Rhonda told me things I didn’t expect to hear, I certainly had a few moments of “OH NO” but they were the things I really needed to hear, and I thank you Rhonda for that, making me face up to what I really didn’t want to know about.

I would recommend this extraordinary, gifted lady to anyone.

Thanks again Rhonda, you are the best.

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