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Jo, Warwick, Queensland, Australia.

I wanted to do something nice for my little sister’s 40th birthday. Take her away to a spa for a long weekend or something similar. But no, she wanted me to take her to a clairvoyant and get “her cards read”. I’m what you would call a sceptic. Not that I don’t believe in a higher power, but there a lot of crack pots out there, feeding off other people’s misery. But I wanted to please my sister, and treat her. She is a nurse who spends her whole life giving to other people, and I wanted to indulge her some way. But where would I take her, to see who? Randomly searching google I found “ Hands of Destiny ”, but from my first phone call, I knew there was something special about Rhonda, and that, randomness was unlikely.

My sister and I drove to beautiful part of the world to seek Rhonda out. I thought, if nothing else, it would be good for a laugh. But when we arrived we were not allowed to see Rhonda together. She had to focus her energy on one person at a time! I thought, oh dear, what have I gotten us into? My sister went first. After about an hour she exited crying! (in a good way of course, as she has been back several times since) I was a little distressed, but reassured by my sister, I entered for my turn.

There is a lot about Rhonda I can’t explain. But who can explain the great mysteries of the world. Like most sceptics, I was determined not to give too much away. I kept my cards close to my chest but the next hour with Rhonda would change my life forever. Rhonda knew things that she simply could not have guessed. Rhonda understood things about my life that were not for public consumption. For example, she stated I owned three houses. I said, no. No I don’t. Rhonda was insistent. Actually, insistent is not a strong enough word. She was determined that I owned 3 houses. Then she paused, and rephrased, ok, 3 properties. I couldn’t believe it. Yes, in point of fact, I did own three properties. One was a family farm that we had inherited and didn’t have much to do with, so in point of fact I simply “forgot” about that property. She said, one is for sale. Yes, one is for sale. But it will not sell for a very long time. Someone will try and convince you to sell it for a lot less than it is worth but don’t do that. That would be a devastating error. Well, we are about 2 years down the track. In fact, two separate purchasers tried to buy the property well below market value and I was pressured to sell. I did not. The property has now sold for close to the asking price and about to settle. I have lived a corporate business person’s life. I own a multimillion dollar business and grew up on a life of hard knocks and hard work. I deal in finance and business and my kind don’t like fairytales or pretend. I still revisit things I discussed with Rhonda that day and I still can’t believe how accurate and in tune she was with my life.

Rhonda is like no one I have ever met before, and I can’t explain how she does what she does, but trust me when I tell you, if you give Rhonda the chance to look into your soul, she will touch you. Rhonda isn’t going to butter you up with a rose coloured glasses version of the story, but she will give you an insight into your past, present and future. What you do with that information is up to you, but do not underestimate her, because Rhonda is indeed, the real deal.

Thank you Rhonda,
I really did appreciate all that took place in your beautiful corner of the world, but it has taken me this long to embrace it. Some of us are just slow learners. 🙂

See you again soon,

Kind regards,