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Joan, Boughton, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

By chance I spotted an article on Rhonda, and made contact. Rhonda required photographs of me and the people in my life, family, friends etc. Once she had the photographs, arrangements were made for a one hour telephone conversation. With cheap international calls available from most parts of the world this is not a problem.

I was somewhat skeptical and doubtful of the possibilities of tangible contact with what Rhonda terms “Spirit” However, I was immediately impressed by Rhonda’s (Spirit’s) knowledge of my past. There were long forgotten details of childhood happenings, things nobody could know. Details of my life and the people in it were astonishingly accurate. Advice was given on how to improve my health and what to look out for.

Overall the most important thing about this reading was that it convinced me that we are not alone. “Spirit” is there, knows us, loves us and cares for us. The past is definite, as it is there, but the future is changeable and not so easily definable, but I was given the general direction of where I was going and what I would do and on which continents.

Six years later I found myself at a Cross roads and again made contact with Rhonda. “Spirit” analyzed the problems, giving details that explained a great deal, reassured me and predicted the outcome. We shall see! Once again I was impressed by the knowledge of Spirit. We live in a world where there is no room for things spiritual, and it can be hard to believe in anything, and that is why I would recommend contact with Rhonda.