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John, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

After my session with Rhonda I have reached a new level of understanding of the defining major events my prior married lives, and how some of those affected my former wives and myself, both independently and jointly, and why. That has helped me be more at peace with myself now. Rhonda has helped better explain why my relationships evolved as they did, the subconscious forces guiding and impacting my former wives, and my interactions with them. It was like Rhonda was pealing my life open and delving down into many layers going deep into the past, far more so than I had ever experienced in previous readings from others.

I can now look back with a greater sense of balance and appreciation of what those prior relationships gave me. I have never before experience such a deep dissection of my life. Rhonda filled in very important missing bits that other readings had not, nor could I suggest a single psychologist achieve unless the three parties involved were each analysed. The information I received helped everything drop into place. I can now focus more on the present and future, rather than spend time trying to figure out why things happened in the past without having all the information, as one never does in life, and without insight into my former wives’ subconscious minds. Hopefully this is helping build knowledge and wisdom, so needed and important as I am now the senior member of our family and need to be an effective mentor for our younger members.

Rhonda has subsequently advised another member of my family with a reading, someone who is at a critical time in personal development and involved in changing life events, and who needs some direction right now. That was part of the reason I arranged an appointment with Rhonda in the first place. That telephone session with my other family member has been very beneficial so far.
Amazingly, immediately on arriving back home, I no sooner walked into my home and opened my accumulated mail, than I found correspondence advising of a setback in a major investment, and that it was a legal issue, exactly as Rhonda had told me about only a week earlier.

I am very pleased that I fortuitously was able to meet Rhonda face to face while up north, thanks to a referral by one of Rhonda’s highly complementary regular local clients. I am very grateful and thankful to Rhonda and I look forward to her future help.…