Hands of Destiny

Jurie, Cape Town, South Africa.

“I live in South Africa. As a 34-year-old male I have always been intrigued with the readings of clairvoyants, but never seem to have enquired about it until recently.

I have had two readings in a month`s time from Rhonda, two weeks apart from each other. I was amazed. I am still processing the clarity of the information given to me by Rhonda. I was immediately amazed when she gave me a message from a friend who passed away from a serious disease about 7 years ago. She didn’t have any information of this person and the message I received was one of relief and comfort. Thereafter the information she gave me about family, friends and life in general was astonishing. Everything in my life makes so much more sense now and gives me great comfort to know that I have more direction and guidance in order to have a great and satisfying life ahead, filled with abundance – That is if I follow certain things that I know now!

Rhonda’s two readings gave me inner peace from dealings with sexuality, frustrations, career, personal relationships, friends and family etc. I have the utmost of respect for Rhonda. She gave me clarity in life’s purpose and increased my energy levels etc. Everything just makes so much more sense now…

Her two readings changed my life for the better and forever. I am testimony for all to receive a reading from Rhonda. I am grateful for the work that she does.”

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