Hands of Destiny

Karla, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I was recommended to Rhonda over 3 years ago by a good friend of mine and I have now seen Rhonda on 3 separate occasions. I brought along pictures of my family and friends and Rhonda pin pointed my family to a tee and told me things that no one could possibly know.

Rhonda worked a lot on my husband and has helped him immensely as a person and as a business & family man, One of many things that Rhonda mentioned was that my husband needed a qualification as this had been holding him back for many years and the spirits were trying to help him but he was not getting the message and they would take it into their own hands and he would have an accident of some sort or illness (Not to panic though as it was not to be life threatening) and this would be what will make him sit down and do it and get this qualification. Within a month of seeing Rhonda my husband got Chicken pox, the worse case the doctor had ever seen and he was kept in our spare room for 2 weeks as our daughters had never had them. Within those two weeks he completed 2/3 of the forms & documents needed and was ready to go back to work, but on the Monday he got a severe stomach virus and was bed ridden again for another week and he finished all the documents and papers and acquired this qualification he needed!!
Rhonda worked extensively on my husband`s personal issues on 2 of those occasions in which my husband listened to the tapes in amazement and took everything on board and has applied all this invaluable information to his life and now I have a husband whom is happy, settled and confident in his direction and our relationship is solid and the business direction looks great!!

The last time I saw Rhonda a couple of weeks ago she mentioned my daughter is not happy at school she is being bullied by the teacher and it is affecting her ability to learn and make friends….two days prior to my reading I had a meeting with the school regarding my concerns about my daughter and how unhappy she is!! Rhonda gave me absolute direction and guidance with this and we are leaving the school and I didn’t think we had many options but Rhonda has opened up so many doors for us and gave us the answer we had been looking & searching for 🙂 We are looking forward to the new school and the kids are so excited and smiling again.

I could probably go on and on about the amazing life changing experiences I have had through Rhonda, she has really helped me, my husband, and our children as well many friends and family I have referred to her!!
Rhonda has a very special psychic gift, that allows her to help, guide, counsel and direct, which I believe is invaluable and it’s like having information given to you that you would not normally have access to (a heads up perhaps). I would highly recommend Rhonda to anyone seeking guidance, understanding and a helping hand.

Thank you Rhonda you have been truly invaluable to myself and my family and I thank you dearly x

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