Hands of Destiny

Kathy , Belgrave, Victoria, Australia.

I have known Rhonda for some 20 years and early in that time I had several readings with her when she was in Melbourne. I sent members of my family and friends for readings with her and all were astounded with how accurate she was. A gift that I imagine would be hard to deal with, but Rhonda manages it very well and I am sure from time to time she wishes that she didn`t have it. Dealing with people that come to you for guidance and inspiration in their troubled times, would be difficult day after day. Rhonda managed to keep a good balance between helping these people and her family.

I had lost my mum when I was young and Rhonda gave me several messages from her that were helpful and inspiring. She also spoke how my mum would speak to me in tones that she would use. When you lose a parent, you question why. But Rhonda assured me that my mum had always been around and helped, unbeknown to me, in a spiritual sense.

I had several personal problems during those years, relationships, work and also lost my two brothers through illness. Looking back all these years later, I am very grateful for the compassion, support, wisdom and words of encouragement that come so easy to inspire, make you think about decisions you have made and why. Rhonda eased me through a very rocky patch in my life.

Rhonda was able to connect with my brothers which was very comforting and we had lots of laughs about messages that would come through and how accurate she was. Things that only I knew, she regularly picked up on.

We talk from time to time and I ask her for advice which is always ready at hand. I look forward to further readings as I haven`t found anyone who is as accurate as Rhonda, I have been searching in Melbourne. It has only in the past couple of years that I have found Rhonda again, after a friend had a reading with her in New South Wales and contacted me and I in turn contacted Rhonda. (It`s meant to be……)

Rhonda, I wish you every success, you have a good heart and follow your dreams….. (which are all coming true now).

Love from,


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