Hands of Destiny

Kelly, Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia.

I have known Rhonda for 39 years, and I have witnessed her Spirit connection and seen lives change through her Readings.

Rhonda’s Readings are a true spiritual connection with the universe. Work colleagues from Melbourne, have gone to her and found answers and closure and I have personally been able to find a peace with my own resolved emotions. Within 2 weeks of Rhonda’s readings, her words started to transform into truth in my world, intricate details, and my thought processes.

Without Rhonda’s guidance, I would have continued to overlook these important factors in my life. When having a Reading from Rhonda’s Readings you truly are in the Hands of Destiny.
Thank you, Rhonda, for helping those I love, to see and experience your authenticity and true connection to Spirituality, and for me personally to move forward and understand the past.

If you are looking for a real Reading, Rhonda’s Readings is the only person you need to see.

Love, Light and Blessing to you all.


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