Hands of Destiny

Koben, Gold Coast, Queensland,Australia.

To Rhonda,

I am so grateful to have met you and have a Reading; I followed the information spirit passed on to me. Within 3 days my house became a home, we were relaxed and more attentive to each other.
Admittedly I was a skeptic, but not now, I have now taken the steps that I was too scared to take to better myself and my life. I believe I have become a stronger person and more positive towards life.

My partner and I are still working on things (you know what I mean) for our future goals (house, career, family).
Without your Psychic Reading, I don’t think I would have taken the steps. I now finish things when I start them, I take time for my kids, I show them more affection, I am working less days so I’m not stressed and tired, I have started my animal course, my partner and I after 11 years together are talking of wedding dates and so much more and this all in 3 months.

I am looking forward to my next Reading with you, to make sure I am still on my path.

Yours gratefully and happily,


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