Hands of Destiny

Kurt, Hamburg, Germany

I just want to say thank you Rhonda!

Every Reading I have had with you has been so accurate; there is no way that it could be chance. Even the small thing that I paid no attention to at the time during the Reading, manifested in the next few weeks and this was no fluke, every time! I must admit to being a bit of a skeptic by nature, but I never cease to be amazed at how “on the money” Rhonda is. Rhonda’s down to earth approach is easy and direct, and she will cover an important point until it sinks in, with no risk of missing the intended message. Rhonda is a “straight shooter” and there is no smoke and mirrors in her down to earth presentation, just the messages you NEED to hear.

Rhonda’s Readings have helped me immensely in gaining clarity about some of my life’s big questions recently and Rhonda has given me clarity and direction which I would have been hard pressed to get to without her guidance.
Thanks Rhonda. I am very grateful for your help and insight!!

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