Hands of Destiny

Len, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.

In August of 2011, I experienced an emotional experience in my life with the separation of my marriage of 30 years. In about November of that same year, I was told of Rhonda and she came with the highest degree of accreditation. At the time, I was grieving over my circumstances with no real clear understanding of why and how events had occurred. I was looking for answers and solace. I had been to an earlier clairvoyant who was somewhat helpful but nothing to the standard to which Rhonda performed her Reading and the information that came out of it. My Reading from Rhonda explained so many things to me about my circumstances which I found to be completely accurate. With her help, I was able to form a roadmap to follow and overcome my grief, as well as commencing the healing process.

My Reading was recorded and I played her Reading over and over as part of that healing process. I felt so positive with Rhonda`s Reading that I again visited her in about November of 2012. Again, I was not disappointed with the outcome. I received additional guidance for my life’s path and have again adopted key elements of that Reading. I must admit, I made one mistake after the second Reading. I deviated away from the advice I received in that Reading and I suffered the real-life consequences for that. Fortunately, that indiscretion was not detrimental. I have again returned to the expanded roadmap from that second Reading, and I have found that my life seemingly is starting to turn around for the better. Rome was not built in a day they say.

I will clearly state, it is thanks to Rhonda that I have perhaps speed up the getting on with life process than otherwise would have happened by not visiting Rhonda. I fully intend to visit Rhonda again and I still continue to listen to the recordings of her Readings. I have already recommended Rhonda to friends and acquaintances. If you visit Rhonda, you will to. If any of you out there have been feeling lost or down from events in your life as I was, please consider calling Rhonda for a Reading. The accuracy of her Readings will truly surprise you.


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