Hands of Destiny

Lija , Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

It was a year and a half ago that I had my first Rhonda Revitalisation. I had been told that this was a lady who said it EXACTLY how it was, no candy coating or ego stroking to be had in any way, shape or form, so naturally I was a little tentative and freaking out something CHRONIC on the drive to her for my first ever reading.

That day, she hit me with things I had not been expecting, things that I`d never seen revealed in their true light of both the hidden AND the obvious, all because I had for so long lived under the false belief that I was less than worthy of KNOWING the truth and embracing it, warts and all. And although I was pleasantly shocked to hear such an intricate understanding of my life`s lessons, leanings and learning`s unveiled to me, I had yet to anticipate the INCREDIBLE impact those words from Spirit channelled through Rhonda were to have.

At the time, I had been in a long term relationship with my former partner for 8 years, and when Rhonda had spoken of a bumpy ride and to “not be disrespected” by his sudden ego inflation, I had brushed it off and assumed that things wouldn`t be so bad. After all, we were a strong couple with a bright musical and romantic future together. Several months later, he left me for my best friend. I lost everything – my partner in both music AND life, my best friend, my cat, my home, my studio, my band, my second family, most of our mutual friends……and I had to start from scratch.

I say with the utmost sincerity that in the darker months that ensued, one of the things that snapped me into the headspace and path that I have been on ever since was the revelationary soul-inspiring experience I`d had with Rhonda that first day, and upon listening back to the tape for the first time in months…..I realised that everything that was communicated through her was exactly what my guides and angels and higher self had been SCREAMING at me to hear for YEARS! I`d just never been able to tune into it, to hear that guidance because I`d felt so stunted as a woman, so blocked for too long, far too long…..and I will also reveal this: seeing Rhonda allowed me to drop a great deal of fear about my own abilities as a creative, an intuitive, and a soulfully connected channel to Spirit, for I began to tap into things I had not felt since childhood, things that had peeked in and out in less fearful, anxious or depressive moments, things I had wanted to sense again for a long time! And some new and beautiful things too that have allowed me to open further still….and it`s STILL escalating in love and light!

Today, I returned a much stronger woman to have Rhonda read for me again, and although I have been through a lot since our last encounter and have grown in untold ways resultantly, I was still seeking a rhyme and reason as to why I was still fumbling around in the dark for my true path. Today, Rhonda gave me the brightest torch I have ever had the privilege of holding, for it is MY soul`s light that has been gifted for ME to see and use to find MY way through! The elation I have experienced today upon this weighty realisation has slapped me in the sweetest way – like a newborn baby receives upon its first breath, I feel like I am breathing different air now, awakened and REAL and TRULY ALIVE. This is a gift that has left me completely awestruck today…..and now I really CAN be the woman of integrity and POWER that I was sent here to BE!

From the bottom of my heart, from the depths of my soul, I say with as much poetry and beauty resounding that is within and all around me – BLESS you Rhonda. You are the real thing, and your words are an angel song that is echoing through my soul today. I will never forget this. You are MY psychic!


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