Hands of Destiny

Linda, Coffs Harbour, New South wales, Australia.

Today I had a reading with Rhonda.

After a bumpy start and a battle on both sides (her & I) of the reading to have photos and information reach her via email. Unknown to Rhonda my morning was met with outside obstacles in every way as I tried to reach Rhonda for my reading. But WE GOT THERE! Somehow, I felt that we were being “tried” and an energy was trying to prevent the reading from happening. There are two Rhonda(s) you see … both giving a reading with Spirit under Rhonda’s Readings. Looking up the website and locating Rhonda was confusing and difficult enough to find and determine I was going to have a reading with the right Rhonda I wanted.

There appears to be another Rhonda with very much the same similarities and naming. This was a difficult process and I found it uncomfortable when calling to ascertain that I was talking with the Rhonda that I was referred to. In saying this now I know I reached the right Rhonda.

Rhonda, from Hands of Destiny is REAL. Yes! Rhonda’s Readings are direct and are spoken through her / Spirit Truth. We may not know of things… We may not see these things that are spoken from Spirit … We may not want to hear what is being passed on…. We journey through life and seek answers…. Rhonda’s readings may not be what you want to hear. Rhonda does not sugar coat any of it. Rhonda can bring to the reading laughter, tears, passion, joy, and understanding.

Lastly “an inner knowing” in shadows of the past and miracles yet to come. Yes, sometimes Truth is not what we expect. Finding Truth is Rhonda in her honesty, directness, determination, and softness, all combined to bring a True Enlightenment to the Reading. Thank you, Rhonda for sharing your gift, thus my journey begins. I shall return to you for guidance and know I am being given the word of Spirit.


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