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Linda, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

I would like to share my experience of my Reading with Rhonda.

What a gift! A gift for Rhonda and her gift to me. I am still reeling from the whole experience, absolutely amazing. I have been to several clairvoyants and while some have TOUCHED on things that were relevant, I found my reading with Rhonda so precise it was almost spooky. Rhonda spoke of things that no one else knows and put my mind at ease regarding concerns I had about my family. Rhonda was spot on in regard to my concerns for my elderly parents, their illness and their moving to Sydney to live with me. The guidance she gave me has shifted my feeling from depression to expected sadness. I feel as though I have been counselled by a long time friend. Her honesty, which she sometimes apologised for was much appreciated. I wish I could share the particulars of our reading to help potential clients understand where I am coming from but these issues are extremely personal to me. I feel like a weight has shifted, as though I have had my heart cleansed.

Bless you Rhonda, you are very gifted, very special Lady.