Hands of Destiny

Luke, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Dear Beautiful Rhonda, Kevin, Family and Spirit,

Firstly, I would like to say that how lucky and blessed I am to have found you to help guide and inspire me to live to my highest vibration for my own spiritual and personal growth and development.

Rhonda you are truly blessed with your great gift, and I thank you for sharing this great life changing gift with others for the betterment of this beautiful world and the opening of human consciousness to a higher, loving and creative intelligence.
In June around the time of my birthday I had a sudden internal feeling that things in my life needed to change or that the lessons that Spirit needed to teach me were just not getting through to me. This inner feeling made me seek out and find Rhonda. At first, I was quite anxious about seeing Rhonda, and if I was making the right decision, however from the very first moment of that first meeting together I instantly knew that I had made the right decision and importantly the first step to becoming the person that I knew I had potential to be, but not the person that I felt like. After that meeting when leaving Rhonda’s home and driving down the dirt road, I had a sense of euphoria within me that was a mix of total love of the world, pure happiness, relief, excitement for the future and everything in between. It was an intoxicating experience and the only way I could express it was to cry.

Since that first experience, I have been back several times all to equal effect. The experience that I have had with Rhonda is that she will relay the information that Spirit is trying to tell you in a truthful and honest way. This can sometimes hit home quite hard, however, all that is said, is said with love and for your own betterment. This is the way it is, and it requires an open heart and mind. Additionally, Rhonda’s Readings feel as if a wise friend was giving you the best advice and counsel that could because they genuinely do care about you and your life’s journey.

Thank you, Rhonda and Spirit, for all your love and wise words and am looking forward to my next visit sometime in the future when I feel the inner calling.



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