Hands of Destiny

Malcolm, Los Angeles, California, USA.

I have had three Readings so far with Rhonda since I found her via her website, and this testimonial is long overdue! However, whilst I have been recommending her to friends and family, all of whom have been grateful, the journey I’ve been on since seeking her out has been a profound one and only now, after almost two years, do I feel like I’m approaching the competence or clarity in various parts of my life that Rhonda herself helped point me towards, so only now do I feel qualified to write a testimonial.

When I first found Rhonda, it was at a fairly intense time when my dad had just passed on and I’d had a breakup at the same time. She was able to convey from my dad things that he hadn’t been able to see or tell me before, and this was very comforting and reassuring to hear. Rhonda also brought up that not only was he still with me and the rest of my family, but that he wanted to confirm that I had indeed sensed this, describing an episode I’d had just days before: whilst bawling my eyes out on my bed, I felt a peaceful, clear, loving presence, and knew it was him.

Then she nailed me for my atrocious record in relationships. I could write a book about them, but let’s just say that while I’m far from perfect, I had become notorious for having extremely troubled and troublesome partners who would ultimately devastate me. Rhonda was able to pin down all the ways I was failing to look after myself and why, whether in choice of partner, in recognizing red flags, in understanding the significance of red flags, or in acting on red flags. She did not let me leave until I could confirm to her that I fully understood both my behaviors and their consequences; everything that she had covered. This may sound straightforward, but it took a good while for her to get it all through my thick skull. I am thankful every day for her profound insight and her firm, compassionate persistence.

Rhonda also understood that I would need to go on a journey with this, a healing one where I would find love and compassion for myself before I could properly move forwards in life. In my subsequent readings she has been very encouraging and reassuring, able to tell that I have been going deep, my heart more open, doing the work I have to do, and making progress. It has ended up being a much deeper and broader confrontation with myself than I envisaged, far beyond what triggered it and that which was discussed, and far harder! I’ve had so many changes, though, and all for the better, so I can’t imagine having not done it. In fact, by now I am actually feeling good about most things in my life and am going about life as a kinder person to myself, more aware of things that used to catch me out, with much more awareness of who I am and want to be, and with better boundaries and support structures, as well as more faith in things than ever! I attribute the beginning of setting about accomplishing all this to Rhonda’s reading.

Thank you, Rhonda, for setting me on course!

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