Hands of Destiny

Mandy, Sandringham, Victoria, Australia.

I had a Reading with Rhonda about 2 years ago now and at the time whilst some of it was making sense to me, a lot of it was not. I was feeling quite confused as the Reading went on and I left there feeling as though the Reading was perhaps not meant for me. I didn’t really know how else to explain it.

After thinking about it for a little while I then decided to email Rhonda. I asked for a refund and explained that I didn’t feel the reading was meant for me at all.
Rhonda replied explaining that this was the information she was asked to relay to me and that there would be no refund.
I was a little deterred by this, but then just decided to put it out of my mind and carry on.

About 18 months later little things started to happen in my life that were sounding really familiar to me and this prompted me to re listen to my recorded Reading with Rhonda. I couldn’t believe my ears, nearly everything Rhonda had said to me in that hour had either happened or was happening in my life at this exact time. It was as though she was Reading exactly two years into my future and this was why none of it made sense at the time.

I felt the urge to email Rhonda an apology about the requested refund almost 2 years earlier and explain that everything she said to me that day was now happening in my life!

Rhonda truly has a gift – it is amazing how spot on she is and how true the messages are that Rhonda receives, whether it’s for that moment or another time coming up in your life.

I highly, highly recommend Rhonda x



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