Hands of Destiny

Mary, Annerly, Queensland, Australia.

I have had Readings with Rhonda 4 or 5 times now over the last 10 years at key decision-making moments in my life. Taking the time out to open up to and enable new perspectives has been a gift of Spirit and a generous connection that has been critical to my own processes of change and renewal at these times. Whether you “believe” or not is not really the issue – just the very nature of tuning in to what can be sitting behind the busyness of the everyday via Rhonda’s guidance in the spiritual realm is incredibly helpful in realizing your own truths. I can’t recommend Rhonda highly enough. She says it like it is and, however uncomfortable it may be at times, it’s always for the purpose of stepping up to your higher self and living the best version of you in connection with those around you (past and present) in this wild and precious life.


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