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Mike, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

I went to visit Rhonda today, and I was blown away by the accuracy and insight in her reading. Despite being late after getting lost, (make sure you follow Rhonda’s directions on her website and don’t trust your GPS) she was most courteous and respectful, and gave much of her time, to bring me tremendous understanding and peace inside myself with some issues I have been battling for almost 20 years.

I’ve been to Hypnotherapists, councillors even a psychiatrist in the past looking for answers and spent months wasting my time and hurting others around me with negativity during my search which got me nowhere, however an hour session with Rhonda changed my perspective immediately. I literally had to pull over on the way home to come to terms with how profound the reading was for me. She communicated information to me which was exceptionally accurate and even blew me away how well she understood the people in my life.

You have just gotta see this lady, she will change your life and give you the outside looking in view of yourself you need to hear, to better appreciate yourself as a person.