Hands of Destiny

Narelle, SouthPort, Queensland, Australia.

Dear Rhonda,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Saying thank you just isn’t enough. You and your gift are extraordinary, I believe everyone should meet with you it will change their life forever!

This past two years I have experienced a great deal of trauma in my personal life and after some counselling I felt nobody could help and a very dear friend recommended, I meet with you.

I am truly blessed having met you. I believe you saved me from potential danger. You sat across from me and told me what had happened to me??? What was going to happen??? How could you know this?? What you have provided for me no psychologist or medical professional could do. My Readings with you have not only counselled me through the worst personal experience of my life at 45 years but to empower me and arm me with the tools to face what lies ahead. You have encouraged me to face the good the bad and the ugly. Your encouragement and your foresight convinced me I could get through and I am almost there.

Your gift, ability to predict events and the outcome….. I listened and acted on your advice, amazing does not describe it. You have prepared me for the worst which has been difficult to hear, I’ve shed a lot of tears meeting with you, but it has been worth it because you prepared me as everything you said has actually occurred and thankfully you gave me the tools to survive. There is no one that could have known what lie ahead for me but you, you have and I listened and thank God I did. I’ve learnt so much about myself and through you been able to protect myself from a very dangerous person.

This past two years I’ve faced a treacherous storm, you’ve guided me through it head on. I’ve been struck down, knocked over, slammed and through your guidance the fall I didn’t fall as hard. Now the storm is clearing I see grey clouds with blue sky and I believe I’m not far off seeing the Rainbow. I would not be who I am today had I not had my readings with you I feel strong and so aware and it’s the most comforting feeling.

Thank you, Rhonda, you really are an Angel x


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