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Patricia, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia.

To Dear Rhonda,

Recommended through a good friend I have visited Rhonda a few times now as I am going through huge shifts and changes in my life. I have, therefore, seen her at regular intervals as I wanted confirmation and guidance at this point.
I usually come prepared with all sorts of questions about health, money worries, relationship issues with family or friends, house stuff, neighbors, work and even my dog. Also about relationships with people who have passed away.

Rhonda is not only welcoming, warmhearted and open minded but also highly professional and very organized. She always suggests to ‘come prepared`, meaning bringing as many photos, documents and items related to the questions to be asked. She will run through the details prepared, like scanning what is needed and then, after including the Tarot, it ‘rolls from there`. For me it means checking in if I am on the right track. Finding thoughts or assumptions, fears or hopes, feelings or worries confirmed. Asking for when things are unclear to me or when communication is unavailable i.e. about my dog or overseas family issues. Rhonda covers item after item providing advice through Spirit to guide one along. And there is always plenty of time for questions and going deeper into an issue if needed.

Rhonda is extremely capable and gifted, very quick in picking up what`s important and fun to be with. There are no boundaries to her knowledge, literally, be it about issues here or in my previous homeland.
Her readings are an awesome experience. I always leave enriched and fulfilled and feel I can take on the world again when I leave her place. And I arrive home with lots of practical and useful advice. I recommend her to everyone who is interested in a high quality and meaningful reading.