Hands of Destiny

Patti, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia.

Dear Rhonda,

It’s been nearly a month since my reading with you, I wanted to share my experience since talking to you and also give you my thanks and gratitude.

Immediately after talking to you my energy shifted, I became lighter and less sad. I felt validated, I felt affirmed and I felt seen. In your message from Spirit, you were absolutely spot on regarding my current situation in different areas of my life. I especially appreciated the insights to how I had contributed to my situation and the strategies you provided to enable change to happen. The processing and transformation from my Reading with you has continued. I have had a major breakthrough in understanding and working through a life time pattern that has caused me much pain, I see it so clearly now, and feel much better equipped to see the warning signs and step away from recreating it.

Thank you and Blessings,


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