Hands of Destiny

Rebekah, Tumbulgam, New South Wales, Australia.

I have had 3 Readings with Rhonda over almost 4 years. She has changed my life completely!!

I was seeing a psychologist for months after the death of my best friend and I was referred to see Rhonda for closure from a friend. From that first Reading, I instantly had closure & felt a massive weight lifted off my shoulders from grief. My second visit, I asked for help in finding our wedding photos (the memory card had been missed placed on our wedding day with our entire ceremony photos on it) Rhonda was absolutely certain they were in a black case and will be found. Sure enough, I spoke to the photographers and asked to check again and there it was in a black case hiding under a camera lense that had been switched over after the ceremony. What a relief! My third visit was just over the weekend, and I already have a clearer head as to where my life is taking me.

Rhonda you are so very uplifting, so gifted and have helped myself, friends and my family so much. I will forever be grateful and will be back in the future.


Thank you,


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