Hands of Destiny

Renee, Baltimore, NYC, United States of America.

My Testimonial for Rhonda and Spirit.

I have been fortunate enough to have had Readings and guidance from Rhonda for the last 4 years.
During this time, my life has changed and transformed onto levels and experiences I never could have dreamed of before I met Rhonda.
Rhonda’s Readings have guided me to a job I never imagined existed, and my perfect life partner, both of which I adore.
I have also consulted Rhonda for major and minor health concerns both of which her insight remedied immediately without return.

The ways Rhonda’s guidance has changed my life is so complete it’s hard to express enough gratitude.
The Readings have sometimes been very challenging to hear, and I have had to walk some very opposing paths, but it has always put me in a higher more beneficial position in my life.
I have only love and gratitude for this incredible woman and the work and energy Rhonda has offered me as a client.

Take good care Rhonda, and sending you all my love and support you are a very inspirational woman
With so many thanks to Spirit and Rhonda,




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