Hands of Destiny

Renee, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

My testimonial is in huge appreciation and respect for the work Rhonda and spirit offer.
I have consulted Rhonda on several occasions, seeking what i thought was direction and looking to the future for answers, however, Rhonda quickly brought me to realise this cannot be done without cross examining the past and labelling events, people, feelings and circumstances correctly.
Rhonda’s accuracy and specific knowledge on events from the past, relationships, family member’s and health are spot on and delivered with objectivity and perfect clarity, to the point of feeling shell shocked.

Rhonda tells you what you need to hear to heal correctly, and it’s not always what you want to hear.
Not only has Rhonda helped me overcome hurts and baggage from the past, but guides me flawlessly in my career and personal spheres, also offering warnings and suggestions that have always been exact and evident.

As a young woman i have truly been transformed, and live in total gratitude. Rhonda’s gift, working with spirit is undeniable, and i have advised many friends and family members to visit Rhonda, all of whom have had overwhelming experiences with the truth that has changed them too.

All of Rhonda’s readings come from love and healing, and you can feel it.

With great thanks,


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